Your Special Day, Another Day

Around this time, you thought you would be hearing wedding bells. But instead, you keep hearing the word “unprecedented.”

All plans feel ruined. And a part of you might feel guilty. Your wedding tears feel wrong when you know how overwhelmed hospitals are, how sick people are getting, how loved ones are separated. But your tears aren’t wrong. You have every right to be devastated.

Your first thought might be: My wedding is cancelled. Because now you have to contact your guests, the venue, the vendors, everyone—tell them it isn’t happening that day. It’s done. It’s over. Dreams destroyed, money wasted. Let’s pack it all up in a box and shove it in a closet.

But you don’t need to cancel, even though it feels that way. You just need to find a new date. And with some help, it won’t feel quite as overwhelming as it seems. Yes, you are rebuilding your day, in a sense. But not from scratch. And most importantly, not alone.

The question is, where to start and when?

Start with your venue, and do this as soon as possible. Reach out to them, explain that your wedding date has been impacted by COVID-19, and see what dates they have available.

Once you have some dates, confirm with those who are closest to you what works for them. Then you have some steady ground to stand on.

Now, what do you do about all your vendors? Well, this is where you ask yourself what is the most important part of a wedding? What holds it together? Remember, you are rebuilding. So think of the bare bones of your wedding.

In many cases, the answer is your photographer. The person who will help you remember your day, and whose vision you fell in love with when you initially booked them.

Run the venue’s available dates by the photographer. If your photographer is booked for these dates, ask for some that do work. From there, ask your venue for more possibilities. The back and forth can be stressful, but you may be surprised—there could be an unexpected opening that works for both of them. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Once you have those two main pieces of the puzzle together, take a deep breath. Yes, there are several steps left to go. But you have made a lot of progress.

Contact your videographer, DJ, florist, and the rest of the vendors, let them know about the new date, and see what they say.

From there, confirm the new date with those close to you (especially if it is different from the one you picked before contacting your photographer), then send out new invitations.

I know this is extremely overwhelming. This was not the way it was supposed to happen.

Gaby and David from Benoit & McCarthy Photography are there for all their clients impacted by the pandemic. They will work closely with you to find a date that works. Deposits will be honored. You will be listened to.

Contact them today at [email protected]. They want to help you rebuild.

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