Enough to Love Us

When you think of bridesmaids, you might picture this: Four girls lined up on each side of the bride, making eight total. Personally, I picture them all wearing maroon dresses, the sleeves slightly off the shoulder. Everything is balanced, the girls’ dresses pop against the white gown, and you think, wow—so many beautiful, perfect friends.

But for me, I feel like I barely know eight people.

Big wedding parties are great for many reasons. For one, there are so many different poses you can do with a larger group of people. You could lift the bride up, have everyone blow bubbles, have everyone jump up in the air, etc. The pictures are full of laughter, fun, and just overall togetherness. It feels like a real party before the reception even starts. The support system vibe practically glows in each shot.

It’s hard when you are a bride and you long for incredible wedding pictures that don’t exactly fit your life. Especially ones with big wedding parties. Your wedding photos tell a story, and it’s easy to obsess over this and what it means. You’re capturing how in love you are, but you’re also getting a glimpse into something else; you’re getting a full scope of everyone that loves you. And this could be scary, because—is it enough? Do we have enough people in our lives to love us? Do we all need to have eight bridesmaids wearing maroon dresses to make a picture feel complete, full, and worth posting on Facebook?

At my best friend’s wedding, I was her one and only. Just one maid of honor, no other bridesmaids. Her and I are sister-close, and I felt beyond honored that she just wanted me there by her side.

Was she nervous about the whole picture-ratio concept? Absolutely. How would this look? Could we pull this off, just her and I? Would the pictures all be the same? And as her best friend, I wanted more than anything to show that my love and support could fill both sides of her. Could fill the whole room, even.

Gaby from Benoit & McCarthy Photography was her photographer, and she knew just what to do. I came prepared with props, and Gaby came prepared with creative ideas and the eye for perfect lighting. Together, we figured out the best poses. And not only are they Facebook-worthy, but they are also mounted on literally every available wall and surface we have.

It didn’t dawn on either of us beforehand just how special it would be to just have pictures of us. To have practically an entire photoshoot of our friendship without having to share it with anyone else. This was better than fitting into some ideal image of a whole line of girls. This was our story, our lives, and Gaby was able to really capture who we are when we are together.

You don’t always need a certain amount of people to make a picture say what you want it to. You just need the right person and the right photographer.

No matter what size your wedding party is, Gaby and David from Benoit & McCarthy Photography will shine a light on your friendships in such a way that will make you feel the love and support down to your very core. Contact them today at [email protected].

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