Beauty in the Chaos

When you think about seasons changing, Post Malone’s song “Circles” might pop in your head, or maybe you’ll think about your new wedding date, now possibly in another season.

Rescheduling a wedding is nerve-wracking because of all the uncertainty that comes with it. Namely, the weather. Maybe you were originally banking on a warm summer night, and now you are gambling with the unknowns of an October evening.

One thing to remember is that even in the summer, perfect weather isn’t guaranteed. So no matter what the season, it is important to expect the unexpected.

Of course, making the most of a situation is easier said than done. Especially during this pandemic. And even on a smaller scale, when faced with rain or snow on your big day, it can feel like there is no bright side. But your photographer can help with this. Because the beauty in the chaos is often captured in photos.

Rain, snow, and extreme wind are challenges, yes, but here’s the thing—they can make for incredible pictures.

So, what are some things you can do to be prepared?

Take cover

If you are having your reception outside, consider having tents set up. Not only will this protect you and your guests in case you have a rain shower, but also this will give you the option to decorate the tents with twinkle/string lights, which are gorgeous in pictures.

Bring props

Bring things like a pretty umbrella, a decorative coat, vibrant rain boots, etc. Think of them as props. When you look at your photos, you’ll see the pops of color and all the fun that was added to each shot.

Get ready to change

Have a dress or outfit to change into later in the evening (with another pair of shoes too), just in case. A number of brides do this for comfort anyway, and it is always a good idea to have a back up.

Think warm

Depending on your venue, you could possibly look into having heaters outside if it is cold enough. A fire pit is also another option to help keep warm.

Choose wisely

Make sure you have the right photographer. Someone who has the experience and skill to turn unfavorable weather conditions into magic.

Gaby and David from Benoit & McCarthy photography are experts when it comes to inclement weather, and you can rely on them to be the backbone of your day.

Reach out to them today at [email protected]. They will make sure your pictures are unforgettable, rain or shine.

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